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Strap a Dog Helmet on Your Pet and Step Out in Style 

You love taking your pet with you wherever you go. Whether it’s out for a walk, around town on errands, on a cross-country adventure, or just for a joyride, your pet loves going with you, too. Add a novel, fun element to your pet’s wardrobe that will turn heads on the street, at the dog park, at the playground, or during social gatherings and events. Our headgear for dogs is well-made, cool, stylish, and downright adorable.

For riding with you on your motorcycle, or for a breezy car ride, a dog helmet is fun for your pet to wear, too. You’ll get plenty of laughs from friends and strangers alike who’ll love your pet’s look.

Helmets for Dogs: Made with Care in Thailand

Our helmets are made from premium-grade plastic, the same kind that’s used for construction worker hard hats. It’s strong but lightweight, and comes in a sleek, glossy finish.

In addition, our helmets for dogs are lightly padded with soft interior cushioning, so they’re comfortable for your pet. An adjustable chin strap makes sure that you get a good, snug fit. A visor shields their eyes from the sun and irritants, and provides wind protection to boot.

At Prima Dog, we manufacture each and every product in small batches, so you’re getting care and quality that larger companies and production runs can’t match. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and how well we satisfy our customers.

The Perks of Strapping on a Dog Helmet

Our helmets for dogs are not just cute and funny, they actually come with a few possible benefits.

Lots of our customers have reported that our helmets have given their shy or nervous pooches more confidence on the playground.

We love that our customers have found additional positives for using our dog helmets … besides making their pets look really, really adorable, of course!

Lots of Stylish and Cute Options for Every Type of Dog

Our helmets for dogs come in a range of colors and styles for every type of pet. Small to medium sizes are offered for breeds, from the tiniest Terrier to the biggest Pug.

If you want your little pup to look girly and adorable, put her in a pink helmet. If you want your pooch to match your tough-but-cool biker style, we have helmets for you, too.

Shop with Prima Dog for Fun and Wearable Pet Styles

At Prima Dog, our products are tried and tested. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t put on our own pup. Browse our wide selection of headgear for dogs, pet accessories, cute dog dresses, and more, and find the perfect addition to your pet’s lifestyle, whether they’re at home or with you on the road.